After completing our touristic program in one very intensive (and tiring) day, we decided to wander around and search for some well deserved food – soaking up the culture in hidden little streets while doing so.

Bingo! we stumbled across this cute little alley, full of locals enjoying their lunch break and sitting on small plastic chairs in front of food stalls or in their tiny establishments. As we had also experimented previously around the city, we were the only westerners around. We decided to give it a go and hope for a good meal!

Taipei is well known for its big variety of Streetfood. With little space at home to cook, the Taiwanese prefer to go out almost every night to the bustling markets to get some cheap snacks – also called xiaochi – that are found across the island – on corners, in clusters of food-devoted streets or at one of over 100 night markets.


  1.  周記手工家常麵

台灣台北市中正區漢口街一段8012-5  (The adress in chinese in case you need to ask)
12, Lane 80, Hankou Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan
+886 2 2371 8008

At the menu you will find the prices in taiwanese dollar for small (
) or big () portions, we took small because we decided to share, and keep snacking at more places during the day.  Find the translation of the menu Below:

肉麵 – (niu rou mian) beef noodles
牛肉湯麵 – (niu rou tang mian) beef noodle soup
牛肉炒麵 – (niu rou chao mian) fried beef noodles with vegetables
肉丝炒麵 – (rou si chao mian) fried noodles with shredded pork
熗鍋麵 – (qiang guo mian) soy noodles with vegetable and meat
大鹵麵 – (da lu mian) noodles with thick gravy
酸辣麵 –  (suan la mian) hot and sour noodles
炸醬麵 – (zha jiang mian) fried noodles with fried bean sauce
雙醬麵 – (shuang jiang mian) double sauce noodles
榨菜肉丝麵 – (zhacai rou si mian) – hot pickled mustard pork noodles
燙靑菜 – (tang qing cai) hot dishes



This little food stall had little plates of Taiwanese delicacies, freshly made noodles every day and everything smelled and looked delicious. It even had a little room with a fan where we could chill while hungrily waiting for our dishes.

We ordered the fried vegetable noodles, eggplants with garlic and chili, beancurd salad with peppers as well as some pickled vegetables.

While eating I started talking with the lady that had served our food – much to her delight, in Mandarin. She is the proud owner this food stall since 30 years, together with her husband and brother. They have some standard dishes that are available every day, and some specialties that keep changing, to satisfy the customers that come often. Without a doubt, everything looked and tasted delicious.

With two of the owners!

If you go to Taipei you must go to this place, the food was delicious, the owners are lovely, and it was beyond cheap!